The child's hunchback is originally a bag is too heavy, children's school bag selection has a trick!

Many parents often fall into misunderstanding when choosing a schoolbag. They only consider the appearance and durability, but they don’t think what the child really needs. Buying and buying Jun
feel that the following points are the key to measuring a good school bag.
1, the size and weight of the bag
In grades 1-3, the bag capacity is 15-22L, and the weight is 600-1300g. Experts suggest that the weight of the bag should be controlled as much as 10% of the body weight.
2, whether there is decompression ridge function



Children's school bags with online and offline 150-1500 yuan all claim to have ridge protection function. How to distinguish? The intuitive feeling is that the bag is very heavy, but the shoulders are
not so heavy, because the back of the bag, the shoulder strap, the chest strap, the belt's "unloading" design helps the whole body to share the weight.
3. Is the partition design reasonable?
The main space of the bag should have a compartment to classify the books. There should be storage areas such as umbrellas, water cups and paper towels on the front and side of the bag.
4, the material should be wear-resistant, waterproof
Try not to choose a cotton bag, not wearable or waterproof.


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