Put your pet into the pet bag and become a fashion

People who like to keep pets are often worried that it is more troublesome to travel with pets? Worried about the loss of pets, worried that pets bite people running, worried that they are dirty paws,



carrying a lot of bacteria to go home? Nowadays, it is popular in foreign countries to put pets in bags and completely liberate their four calves. This kind of travel is also very fashionable.
British media reported that nowadays, putting pets into bags has become a fashion and saves a lot of trouble. In the subway, it is easy to see the owner carrying a bag, playing with his mobile phone l
eisurely, revealing a big head in the bag and You look at each other.
Usually, these pets are very docile and don't move in the bag. At first, they will keep an eye on everything around them. After a while, they will choose to sleep in the bag for a while.




Let the dog travel with a puppy and become a beautiful scenery. In this special baby belt, the puppy can lean on the back of the dog mother and get familiar with the world.
But there are also some pets that are uncomfortable in the bag and easy to jump out, so you need an advanced configuration. This bag is specially equipped with a window. The kitten can watch the outsi
de world inside, but it can't escape.
Usually many pets are afraid of elevators in shopping malls and subway stations. With the bag, the owner no longer has to worry about the safety of the dog.
Many pets are made in a very simple way. You can even dig four holes in a ready-made bag. One leg of the dog penetrates into a hole and works together.
Packed in a backpack, put it in a bag, different dogs have a very calm performance, and some are very frightened.


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